What is the secret of
managing a diabetic diet...
but with a good lifestyle?

I'm pretty sure you've heard it already:
A diabetic diet combined with fitness, right medication (if needed) and awareness can really allow you a good lifestyle.
At least, for the beginning it will help you get back on track.
This will be one of the main things you'll learn if you'll ask your doctor who specializes in diabetes or you'll read a serious book which deals with this subject.
It's a proven fact.
But is that all you have to know? Hardly.
In fact there are so many important and useful things they didn't (or can't) tell you, and this is the place to find out what is missing.
Perhaps you're hearing about it now for the first time.
Wow! Then you arrived to the right place to learn how to do it.

Welcome to Diabetes and Lifestyle.com, the site that will help you manage your life with diabetes.

You can find here everything you have to know for having a good lifestyle, and yes, while you are diabetic.
From the
basic terms and concepts for those who are recently diagnosed, to articles, diabetic diet and food, recipes, tips, diabetic supplies, news about diabetes, fitness, recommended books and magazines.

Either you are a new patient who is searching background material and guidance, or you are an old patient who suffers from diabetes burnout and you are looking for encouragement and motivation, both of you will be able to find here ways of coping with this sickness, and even succeed in managing your life as if diabetes does not exist.
It's all up to you!

Did you know that "diet" in Greek means "way of life" or "lifestyle"?
It means that you don't only have to find yourself a proper diabetic diet, but also to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, and to change also your way of thinking.
Instead of being in a state of mourning and depression you have to learn how to accept it (in your mind), and how to live with it side by side.
Do not repress it, accept it! Because it's here!

Bad news first.
Yes, it's here, and it's not going to disappear just like that.
Unfortunately we are stuck with it to the rest of our lives. In the meanwhile we have to go on with our insulin or pills, our diabetic diet, and our blood sugar balance.
Surely there are great scientists out there who are working right now on a solution, but all of us have to realize that there is no magic cure at this moment which can take it away.
So your first step is:                          

You must learn how to accept its existence! 
But there is good news too.
If you will accept my tips and advices how to cope with it, how to manage your life, and how to avoid obstacles and complications, then you could take control on your diabetes instead your diabetes will take control on you.
If your attitude is realistic and serious, and your spirit is optimistic then you are on the right way.

The only three things that will be changed are your diabetic diet, your daily exercise and just as important - your attitude.
I don't mean that by managing a diabetic diet you must starve yourself or you have to give up on any foods (except for the sweets, but there are solutions for that too).

Your second step is:

Get ready for significant changes in your life!

Don't panic! I'm not coming now to turn your life upside down.
It's obvious that every major change might take some time, weeks and maybee months.
You should start it slowly and in moderation, and do one step at the time.

There are 24.5 million people in the US who have diabetes, and 22% of them are undiagnosed.
You have a big advantage on those 22%!
They are far behind you, because they don't know they have it.
It could be their ignorance or just denial.
They are not ready to accept the fact that they have to change their lives, to adapt themselves a new way of life, and a suitable diabetic diet.
But you are already on that train on this journey of your treatment, and with this journey you could prolong your life and reach to an advanced old age.

Another important thing,
Did you notice those people who doesn't have diabetes but have the awareness of healthy life?
There is no large difference between you and them at all.
Interesting, they also watch their health with devotion. They also balance their meals, they also diet (a regular diet, not a diabetic diet, so what?) they also check their blood pressure and weight and reduce their sweet food consumption.
They just hang around without the insulin injection or the pills.
You will be able to do everything you did before diabetes broke into your life.
You will be able to Work, study, exercise, travel, and even to maintain a regular sex life.

There is a friend of mine who has diabetes too and I remember that he said once:
"I never felt so healthy in my whole life like I feel now. All the checkups, the self care, my diabetic diet, and the information of diabetes I have gathered, made me feel better and more secure than before."

I hope and pray you will feel the same way.

Diabetes and Lifestyle.com

Diabetes guide and basic information
Diabetes guide with the most important basic terms. It can be very helpful for the new patients recently diagnosed and also for the veteran patients as well.

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Diabetes articles
Diabetes articles for everyone who seeks additional written material to read and study.

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Diabetes tips can be very useful and helpful on the right time and place, and even crucial, so they should be taken very seriously.

Diabetes news
The most updated diabetes news from all over the world.

Diabetes books and magazines
Recommended diabetes books and magazines with help on coping with diabetes, proper treatment, and nutrition.

Diabetes food
Diabetes food is the most important part of the diabetes lifestyle.

Diabetes meals
A wise diabetic meals plan tailored for you, will help you control your blood sugar levels, will help you acquire good eating behavior and will help you go back on track to a good lifestyle.

Diabetes recipes
Diabetes recipes with components which are friendly to diabetic persons, and yet are yummy and easy to cook.

Diabetes supplies
The diabetes supplies page offers opinions, recommendations, and explanations about the equipment, the medications and the special food for diabetic people.

Diabetes and fitness
Diabetes and fitness should go together. You can improve your health and achieve by that a better lifestyle.

Your diabetes
This is your diabetes private page.
Here you can, if you are interested, to write whatever you think is important about diabetes.


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