Diabetes Situations and
other Conditions

The diabetes situations part is like phase two in your sickness chain of events.
You passed all the chapters of the diabetes guide.
You already know a thing or two about diabetes.
Now it's time to deepen your knowledge with some additional terms related to diabetes.

In this part you'll learn about states of Juvenile Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, and Diabetic Ketoacidosis – DKA.
You'll learn how to use tools like Glycemic Index, Insulin Index, Body Mass Index (BMI), and Carbohydrate Counting.
And one of the most important chapters is the self management and treatment plan.
But try to understand that diabetes is a serious condition.
Don't decry it.
Try to gather all your own strength, energy, and attention as well.
Your future treatment plan will require it.
Be optimistic and with a positive attitude.
If you will trust your family, friends and your health care team, they can give you a huge support for passing the first weeks.
After you will learn all the aspects and the basic concepts of diabetes, you will become more confident and peaceful.

Hypoglycemia - What is Hypoglycemia and when does it occur.

Juvenile Diabetes - What is Juvenile Diabetes and what causes it.

Glycemic Index - What is the Glycemic Index and how do we use it.

Gestational Diabetes - What is Gestational Diabetes and what causes it.

Diabetic Ketoacidosis – DKA - What is Ketoacidosis and when does it occur.

Carbohydrate Counting - What is Carbohydrate Counting, what are its principles, and how does it work.

Self Management and Treatment Plan - How can we manage ourselves in the most optimal way, and what are the important things to do.

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