Tell Us About Your Diabetes!

Let me tell you how this page, "Your Diabetes" page, was created.
There is no doubt that when I started to write all the pages in this site I was full of motivation (I still am) and the outcome is here in front of you.
But during the writing, after I discovered the hidden possibilities of the web.
Suddenly I understood that this site other than providing content and knowledge can also get material from you and even good one, I'm sure of that.
This insight excited me a great deal and my motivation has been doubled.
So I created something bigger than what I've planned in the first place, something that will be for the general good.
I created here a possibility that could give you the right to speak for telling us your stories, adventures and memoirs, all related to your diabetes.

Your Diabetes

One more thing.
The title might mislead you and pardon me for that.
I'm sure that for most of you it was clear. It was meant of course not only for people and kids who have diabetes to participate, but also those who have children with diabetes and parents, brothers, sisters and even close friends are invited.
So here, dear visitors, is the place for you to tell and share, because we all here are standing and expecting for your words.
I divided this page to some subtitles of the most talked-about topics. Welcome and have fun!

Have any interesting fact or comment to tell us about diabetes food, eating and nutrition?

Have any important tip or useful advice about diabetes for us?

Have any good diabetes books or comment about diabetes books?

Have any tasty diabetic recipe for us?

Have any comment about the last diabetes news?

Have any comment about diabetic equipment or medication or about a store?

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