About Me

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it."

Margaret Fuller (1810-1850)

Thank you all for visiting Diabetes and Lifestyle.com.
I always thought that there are only two possibilities to write a serious diabetes book or a website dealing with diabetes.
The first one is if you are a doctor or a diabetes educator. You share your skills with the crowd.
The second one is if you are from the other side of the illness and had experienced it personally as a diabetic person or a parent of a diabetic child.
Then you share your experiences with the crowd. It's not less important.
And me? Well, I do not belong to any of these two, but I know them both very closely.
Quite by chance I've worked as a webmaster in teams of some major projects related to diabetes.
Some of them were of dietitians websites which I took part in their construction, and there I learned a lot about diabetes from the nutrition point of view.
Some of them were websites of diabetes support groups, where I was in touch very closely with doctors and many patients as well.
So it was that I've read hundreds of articles and books, and recited quite a few tables and figures.
Then I decided to upload to the net everything I already know.
There are tons of materials in the site and there is much more to come,
but knowledge is never done. I'll be more than happy if any of you feel the urge to add any important material, to modify, or to correct any errors.
Feel free to comment and remark. You are more than invited to do so.

Looking forward for your visit in my site,

Diabetes and Lifestyle.com

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