Diabetes Books and Magazines

Here are some diabetes books and magazines which I strongly recommend for you to read and study.
Some of them are related to treatment and coping with diabetes.
Some of them deal with food and diabetic nutrition.
Some of them can help your soul if you need some comfort and strengthening.
It will be good to have some of them on your book shelf at home.                                                 There are plenty of books and magazines dealing with diabetes, I'm sure about that, so I gathered here some of the best sellers which you liked the most.

If there is any book about diabetes you've read and you think it's also important for us to read it, or you have any comment about those I've presented in this page you are more then welcome to write about it here...

The First Year: Type 2 Diabetes
An important diabetes guide with a lot of useful information especially for the crucial first year.
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Real Life – Guide to Diabetes
A friendly diabetes guide which contains almost everything you need to know.
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My Child Has Diabetes A Parent's Guide to a Normal Life After Diagnosis
A diabetes guide from a point of view of a parent of a diabetic child.
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Diabetes Diet Cookbook
Great recipes for diabetic people.
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When Bad Things Happen to Good People
A wonderful book of a great person which can help you after the first shock of the diabetes diagnosis.
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Diabetic Living – Magazine
A magazine for people who live side by side with diabetes.

Diabetes Forecast – Magazine
A magazine with great up to date information of diabetes.

Diabetic Cooking - Magazine
A magazine with great recipes and meals for a diabetic lifestyle.



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