1800 Calorie Diabetic Diet

Here you have a sample of 1800 calorie diabetic diet meal plan per 1 day for diabetics.

  • This diet contains about 244 grams of carbohydrates.
    If you want to reduce the carbohydrates then you can replace 2 servings of bread with meat.
  • Try to select from the bread group foods which are high in fibers such as: whole-grain breads, cereals and crackers.
  • Try to select from the lean meat, the poultry, or the fish. They are the healthiest.
  • Do not fry the meat! You better roast, broil or bake it.
  • 2 oz. of meat might be any cooked meat about the size of your cell phone
    or 1 small chicken leg or thigh.
  • Three oz. of cooked meat are equal to about 4 oz. of raw meat.
    Try to weigh the meat after you cook it and after removing the bones and the fat.

1800 calorie diabetic diet

GroupBreadVegetables FruitMeat Milk FatTotal

Meal Plan Sample with 1800 Calorie for a Day

FoodGroup  Servings  Calories    Carbs
2 slices of whole wheat breadBread216030
1 tsp. butter stickFat145
1 small bananaFruit16015
1 cup skim milkMilk19012
1/4 cup cottage cheeseMeat1553
coffee or tea – free
1 cup carrotsVegetables1255
1 cup tomatoesVegetables1255
1 cup lettuce – free
1 tbsp. mayonnaise - reduced fatFat145
3 Oz. turkeyMeat3105
1 tbsp. pinenutsFat145
2 slices of whole wheat breadBread216030
1 appleFruit16015
Afternoon Snack
2 slices of rice cakeBread18015
1/2 cup sherbetMilk16012
2 Oz. beef stewMeat2150
1/2 cup cooked mushroomsVegetables1255
1 cup brown riceBread216030
1 cup steamed broccoliVegetables25010
1 peachFruit16015
6 cashewsFat145
3/4 cup frozen yogurt - nonfatMilk19012
Evening Snack
1/2 bagelBread18015
1 oz. salmon - fresh or cannedMeat155
1 1/4 cup strawberriesFruit16015


For further adjustments and modifications to your 1800 calorie diabetic diet meal plan which derive from your nutritional needs, your weight, height, age, and your daily activity you should consult with your dietitian.

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