What Should You Ask Your Doctor?

There are some questions you should ask your doctor before you start.
Getting started with exercise during diabetes might be accompanied by some fears and worries.
That's why you should go to your doctor.

ask your doctor

He will answer all your questions, calm you down, and release you from any worries.
I suggest you should come with a list of questions prepared in advance and then you could ask calmly, without pressure and without forgetting anything.
Here are the questions you should ask him.

  1. Can you clear me to start or alter an exercise program?
  2. What exercises am I allowed to do?
  3. From what exercises should I avoid?
  4. How much should I exercise? At what level should I start, and when can I increase my pace?
  5. What effect can exercise have on my blood sugar level?
  6. How will it affect my meal plan?
  7. What precautions should I take when exercising?
  8. In what other ways does exercise affect my diabetes?
  9. When do I need to test my blood sugar levels?
  10. What should I do if I feel the signs of hypoglycemia?
  11. Do I need increased monitoring of glucose, blood pressure or anything else when I start exercising?

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