Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels

You have to balance your blood sugar level if you really want to overcome diabetes.
You can make here a giant step and go over to an ordinary life.
This step can help you cross safely the border from your oppressive diabetic life towards an easy going and comfortable life.
There are no tricks here. The only secret is to learn how to balance your blood sugar levels. That’s all.


For balancing blood sugar levels, one must note the lifestyle he lives and the food he takes. There should always be a correlation between these two.
If you don't control these, then you don't balance blood sugar levels or glucose storage in your body as well. In doing so, you're risking your body, your life, and your future.
When you want to control blood sugar levels to avoid health problems and illnesses, try looking at your lifestyle and daily activities first.

To have a stable blood sugar level and be free from food cravings and obsessions, you will need to eat in a way that creates balanced state inside your body.
When you are in a state of equilibrium, you will feel satisfied with the food you eat, and you will eat as a way to satisfy physical hunger and keep your blood sugar stabilized rather than simply due to appetite.
Your body judges downing level of glucose in bloodstreams through hunger.
Such symptoms are sources to identify the downfall of blood sugar level in the body.
When you investigate such symptoms, you shouldn’t go for prolonged and excessive hunger pangs.
The best possible means to overcome this is by taking food at regular and frequent intervals. It doesn’t mean that you have to take extra food, but you must take a little bit of it after a manageable gap.
Creating particular eating routine is prudent decision which you can take to balance blood sugar levels. Such arrangement would prove wonderful.
Here I must make it clear that you are not enforced to take unnecessary food.

You can have option to control your calories at this juncture by eating at your level best. You should choose the low-GI (Glycemic Index) foods for this purpose.
What you are developing this way is starting a trend of proper intake of food to be taken for longer periods.
Keep this formula handy: Less food, more often.
The routine should be like this: you are having at least three meals in a day plus two snacks in between your evening and afternoon meals.
You can learn here more how to plan your meals during the day.
This arrangement will be a great help for you to control your blood sugar level.
Another important aspect of this arrangement is that you keep yourself aloof from overeating.
Be assured that you will still fully enjoy the foods you select, but will be much more connected to what type of food your body needs in the moment, based on what you have already eaten.

balanced meal

You need to keep your blood sugar steady by including high-quality protein (for many of us, this has to be animal protein to cure cravings), Omega-3 healthy fat such as olive oil, water-rich food such as vegetables, and complex carbohydrate, in your meals.
When we are in a healthy and balanced state, after we eat carbohydrate or protein, we tend to crave water-rich food such as veggies. The body always seeks equilibrium.
However, when we are out-of-balance, we just keep craving more carbs in a thwarted attempt to self-correct. The more simple carbs we eat the more out-of-balance we become.
Eating vegetables at every meal also assures that your body is ingesting plenty of fibers, which are essential for optimal health and digestion, as well as providing a feeling of fullness.
Fruit - both fresh and dried, is high in fibers as well, but because of its high sugar content may not be the best choice for many people.
Fruit can increase cravings for more sweet foods.
Fibers slow the rate at which sugar and fat enter the bloodstream, which lowers your potential food cravings for weight gain.

vegetable for balancing

When the blood sugar is steady, you are in a state of flow - open to life and feeling fully alive.
In this state, cravings subside, and you have a new freedom to enjoy food, but no longer be obsessed with it.
What keeps you in this steady state is eating in a balanced way, selecting items from the healthful categories of food, drinking lots of water to keep your body clean and well hydrated, eating lots of fibers rich foods to slow the rate at which the food is turned to sugar in the body, exercising to increase metabolism, and eliminating all those harmful, processed, high-sugar, high-trans-fat foods from your system.
It is fairly easy to get the hang of the Glycemic Index and to learn about the potential impact of different carbohydrate rich foods on blood sugar levels.
It is quite another thing to design a Low-GI diet that is right for you in your specific circumstances.
It is something that you should strive to do however. Your own personal tastes, and the availability of certain products in your location, will have significant impact on the final shape of your own personal Low-GI diet.
Experimenting with, and sourcing, different foods is perhaps not everybody’s idea of fun, but by doing this you can put together a Low-GI diet that will suit both your taste buds and your lifestyle.
It is also important to mix food types, but in the right way. Our bodies need sufficient amounts of all three major food types (carbohydrates, proteins and fat) in order to function properly.
Try your best to keep the three types in right ratio.
Most nutritionists suggest a 40% Carbohydrate – 30% Protein – 30% Fat ratio.
Tipping this ratio somewhat in any direction is perhaps not too much of an issue, you should however be wary of allowing a particular food group to totally dominate your diet.
When it comes to determining which foods are best for you and which foods need to be avoided, there is no exact science, however, I think it's worth for you to take a look at my healthiest foods list.
It is much more of an art to lean to know your body and be aware of its predictable reactions.
Realize that the more processed the food you are eating, the more difficult it may be to keep your blood sugar steady and avoid cravings, so try to go back to the simple foods.
When you eat simple foods you know exactly what enters your body.

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