Tips for Diabetic Children

Our diabetic children are our most valuable asset.
When they are sick, and espesially in diabetes, it is so heart rending that we would search all over the world constantly to find a cure for them. Here are some tips for making your diabetic children lives more comfortable.

tips for diabetic children

  1. The insulin in your house supposed to be carried and kept in refrigeration.
    Unfortunately faults and failures happen and sometimes the insulin is being damaged.
    Therefore, try to keep in your house insulin with different batch numbers and different production dates.
  2. Diabetic children who takes insulin and their blood sugar level is still high with no reason and they haven't changed their meals recently,
    check if they had used damaged insulin!
    If they had, then switch to another insulin from another batch number, and check often his blood sugar levels in this day.
  3. Do not let your diabetic children be caught unready by hypoglycemia (or hypo)!
    Always make sure that they have emergency sugar food such as sweet juice or cola, a candy, or a teaspoon of sugar.
    I can assure you that sweetened syrup is the best. It's thick and could be absorbed in your children's body very fast. It takes only one sip and a bite from a cracker to make the hypo disappear.
  4. One of the signs that your child has hypo is his inability to close tight his fist.
    If he cannot grab a pencil tightly in his fist, and you can pull it easily from his hand, then he has hypo.
  5. Therefore, never close tight the cover of your child's bottle of emergency sugar drink!
    and tell it to the other kids, because in case of a hypo, he won't be able to open the cover of his bottle.
  6. On days when your child is a lot of hours out of home make sure he has taken a backup diabetes kit.
    Make sure the kit contains double dose of insulin (divided in two bags), an extra insulin pen injector or extra insulin pump if you have, extra needles, syringes and test strips.
    Don't forget to put there also the emergency sugar food.
  7. If your child is going for a long journey on a bus or on a flight make sure that his backup diabetes kit is in his personal bag and not in the luggage compartment.

  8. Id bracelet

  9. Identification. It is worthwhile to buy your child a bracelet which has a sticker on it with his name, the parent's name, and your phone number on it.
    You should also write on the sticker that he has diabetes and his doctor's name.

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