Insulin Pen Operating instructions

Although there are many brands and models, insulin pens can be divided into two basic types:

  • Disposable pens, which come prefilled with insulin.
    As the name implies, the pen is thrown away when the insulin is used up.
  • Reusable pens, which are loaded with a new insulin cartridge when the old one is used up.

insulin pen tips

The pens aren't all the same, so it's very important that you read carefully and understand the operating instructions completely for the pen you choose.
For a general idea of how pens work, here are the basic steps that are common to most models and types:

  1. Remove the pen cap.
  2. Check the insulin (amount and appearance).
  3. Clean the injection site with a BD alcohol swab.
  4. Attach the BD pen needle and remove both caps.
  5. Prime the pen.
  6. Dial the dose and inject.
  7. Remove the needle from the pen and dispose of properly.
    Put the cover back on the pen.

insulin pen tips

Pens from different manufacturers operate differently, so it's very important that you carefully read and completely understand the operating instructions for the pen that you choose.
Some of the information you should be looking for when you read the instructions:

  • How to set your dose.
  • What you should do if you accidentally dial too much insulin for your dose.
  • How you will know if you don't have enough insulin remaining in the cartridge for your dose.
  • How to load a new cartridge in your pen if it is a reusable pen.

Pens come ready-loaded with the insulin you need, whether it is a single type or a mixture.
The pens consist of a cartridge with a needle attached.
You set a dial to the dose you want.
Pens have enough insulin for several days and are convenient to carry to school or when traveling.

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