Tips for Saving

Saving money is one of the things you should think about after you have been diagnosed as a diabetes patient.
You have to consider new arrangements of supplies, medications and other food.

Medications can be bought in two options, the brand ones or the generic ones.
Diabetic supplies like test strips for example which are used in blood glucose monitors are not different.
These stripes are one of the big expenses in your diabetes control.

tips for saving

Therefore you have to look for other options other than the brand stripes.
Here are some ideas:

  1. Look for generic products or store brand test stripes.
  2. Talk to your doctor or your diabetes educator (CDE) about generic options for your prescription drugs.
  3. Look everywhere for supply samples to reduce your costs and to allow you to try before you buy.
  4. Usually every blood glucose monitors manufacturer offers rebates. Sometimes monitors may be offered free with the purchase of test strips.
    Ask frequently at your local drug store for any new deals.
  5. Low-carb prepared foods aren't cheap at all. Look in your neighborhood for warehouse stores to buy bulk for better prices. If you’re shopping regular retail, stock up when it goes on sale.
  6. Look in the newspapers and media for healthcare fairs or healthcare expos. You'll be surprised from the large amount of product freebies, the rebates, and from the free useful information you can get.

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