Before You Start Exercising

You can't just start exercising if you had never done it before.
There are some things you have to do in the first place.

  1. The first thing and the most important one is to see your doctor for medical clearance.
    He will examine your health and will decide what are the activities which are good for you.
    Your doctor also will alter your diet; determine what snack you should have before the exercise, and will explain you the right eating rules in those days you exercise.

  2. start exercising

  3. It is important to check blood sugar levels before you start your exercise program.
    You'll have to check it again also during the exercise, and after it.
    By monitoring and comparing the blood sugar levels you'll be able to see how does your body response to the exercises.
  4. Sit down and make a detailed plan for your exercise. A diary if you want.
    Write down what activities do you want to do. You can choose for yourself the activities you are fond of, but try to be realistic.
    Write for each activity how much time does it take to perform it, on what days, and how many weeks.
    Remember! Start slowly and don't be stringent with yourself.

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