Tips for People at Work

Here are some tips for work since one of the most problematic places to control our diabetes is the employment place.

Avoid stress and anxiety
The major threats at work that could influence your diabetes or, alternatively God forbid, could cause you get diabetes are stress and anxiety.
Employment places, naturally, are crowded with many different people, some are less annoying, but some other are very annoying.
In addition, there are sometimes urgent tasks that have to be done, and these also don't contribute to your own peace of mind.

Tips for work - stress

In order to neutralize those threats you have to know already from the beginning how not to fall into these traps.
The one who will know how to combine here wisdom and self control will win.
You need all of your wisdom for knowing how to avoid yourself from getting into those states of stress and anxiety.
An old saying goes like this: The difference between a wise man and a clever man is that the clever man knows how to get out of troubles that wise man wouldn't have gone to them in the first place.
So be wise! Stay out of troubles.
Most of us are not on the alert to those situations and here comes the self control.
In this case counting to ten before bursting is really not a cliché.

Be physical
If you have to choose between the elevator and the stairs, choose the stairs.
Believe me, after 3 or 4 hours of sitting in your office or in your car your body will cry out to some physical activity.
The same goes of course if you have to choose between driving to your favorite restaurant for lunch or walk two blocks on foot.
Should I say more?

Eat right
Eat low GI - Choose those foods from the menu that have a low glycemic index(GI).
Those foods may raise blood glucose at a slower and steadier level than those with a high GI.
Control your portions - Don't over eat at work.
It will not only raise your blood glucose levels, but it will also make you sleepy and slow.
Drink water - Drink water as much as you can.
Dehydration is dangerous to diabetic people since it raises blood sugar levels and neutralizes the insulin effectiveness.
Eat regularly - Keep eating at the same hours of the day.
Changes in eating hours cause changes in blood sugar levels and changes in insulin reaction.
Eat between meals - Less food, more often.
In that way you keep your blood control levels from ups and downs, and keep yourself from over eating.
Don't starve yourself - This means a huge fall of your blood glucose level, so keep always a healthy snack bar nearby.

Tips for work - eating

Back up yourself on the roads
Salesmen, drivers, and everyone who drives a lot on daily routine.
Make sure you have taken a backup diabetes kit.
Make sure the kit contains double dose of insulin (divided in two bags), an extra insulin pen injector or extra insulin pump if you have, extra needles, syringes and test strips. Don't forget to put there also the emergency sugar food.

Consult your dietitian
For every question or problem you have, my best recommendation is to visit your private dietitian or your diabetes educator or your doctor.
They have the right answer for you, and you deserve it!
You should plan together your daily meals, what foods, what quantities and in what hour.

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