Tips for Fitness

Here are some useful tips for fitness while you are diabetic. These tips are designed to make your exercise more enjoyable and not worsening your diabetes instead.

tips for fitness

Before you start

  • Go to see your doctor for medical clearance. He will decide what are the activities which are good for you.
  • Check your blood sugar levels before the exercise, during the exercise, and after it.
    By monitoring and comparing the blood sugar levels you'll be able to see how does your body response to the exercises, to avoid Hypoglycemia, and to decide what food should you eat before the exercise.
  • Plan yourself an exercise program. Think of what activity would you like to do, how much time and how often. Make sure you update it from time to time.
  • Do not exercise if your blood sugar level is high!

During your exercise
  • Start slowly! Don't be stringent with yourself.
    If you haven't done any physical activity before, then even 10 minutes a day for a start will be fine. Afterwards you'll be able to increase your pace and time of exercise.
  • Wear light clothes and the right shoes.
  • Warm up and stretch your muscles before! If you stretch your muscles you'll be more flexible and you'll avoid from any case of pulling a muscle.
  • Wear a bracelet or a necklace for identification. An identification card in your pocket also will do.
  • Always carry with you when you exercise some emergency sugar food such as sweat juice, cola, or a candy in case you have suddenly low blood sugar.
  • On hot days make sure you drink more water!
  • Always check if there are any signs of Hypoglycemia!
    If you have noticed any signs, stop immediately and treat the problem.

After the exercise

Cool down yourself. Do some more stretching to avoid undue stiffness and pain later, or walk 5 more minutes slowly until your breathing becomes normal.

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